Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Marketing management case 2 Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Marketing management 2 - Case Study Example Motor starters were installed on or near individual pieces of equipment and usually operated only a single motor. They ranged in price from $50 to several thousand dollars. Motor control centers consisted of dozens or even hundreds of motor starters that were combined in a customized enclosure and were capable of starting motors in various areas of the plant from a centralized location. They ranged in price from less than $50 000 to several hundred thousand dollars. The motor starter made fewer sales than the projections. It however managed to sell 8.5% of the entire industry sales. Repair parts were the most improved products, after realizing sales of 14% of the whole industry sales. The control centre increased in sales by 83.03 5%, the motor starter product fell by 5.76% and the repair parts increased by 25.42%. The total performance for all the products was an increase of 8.952% from 2001 to 2002. 1. Yvonne Belanger, owner of Yvonne’s European Deli, has decided that she wants to add a new item to the current selection of baked goods she sells in her upscale deli. Currently, she sells cookies and brownies for $2 each, and muffins for $3 each. She makes a standard 30% margin on all sales. Yvonne wants to buy homemade apple, cherry, and lemon pies and sell them from a local supplier for $10 each. 3. Fashion Forward operates three retail locations across Canada: in Halifax, Toronto, and Vancouver. It recently purchased a limited-edition collection of 300 designer dresses and sent 100 to each city. The dresses were all suggested to sell for $1200 each; all dresses had a net cost to Fashion Forward of $400. Sales results from the three locations varied: 1. Ontario Steel Manufacturing (OSM) manufactures steel components for other manufacturers. It has the opportunity to make stainless steel taps and faucets for a Canadian hardware company that will then package the products and sell them under

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